Build Your Self-confidence And Get The Respect You Deserve

By all rights, your life should be pretty much perfect. You have a wonderful family, a good job, and almost everything you could want. The problem is that you lack confidence and respect in yourself. To you, it seems as if everything you touch is a disaster. It may be that you feel as if you are getting too old, or you have gained too much weight. Maybe you think you should be further in your career than you are. It might be that you feel like you aren’t a good mate or that you are an ineffective parent. Regardless of how things look to the outside world, you know that something is missing from your earthly experience, and only correcting it will allow you to have the fulfilling harmonious life you crave.

You aren’t alone. Many people struggle with finding confidence and respect for themselves as well as getting it from others. When used correctly Feng Shui can help. Before you decide that this ancient philosophy is too new age or isn’t valid consider what it is actually all about. The ideas and practices of Feng Shui make a great deal of sense when you learn more about them. The idea is to create an

environment conducive to balancing and harmonizing every aspect of your life. By organizing your belongings, creating a clean environment, carefully placing items, and using colors, you can promote positive energy flow and improve all aspects of life. In truth, confidence and respect are elements of each and every part of your life. By improving the total picture, you can find confidence and inspire respect in others.

Start with your home. Object placement and color used is very important in Feng Shui. Confidence and respect are easier to obtain in a warm, clean environment. As long as the consistent effort is being made, it really doesn’t matter if you start your new Feng Shui lifestyle inside the house or in the yard and driveway.

Beginning outside may help to promote respect from others more quickly though. Even those who nothing of Feng Shui or who don’t believe in its worth will be affected by a well-maintained yard and welcoming plants. Any outside repairs that need to be made are worth the time. Not only will other people see the care you put into your home, but you will enjoy the sight of it and be proud of it too. Pride is a wonderful way to build up your own feelings of self-worth. Once everything is in good

working condition and clean, look to your landscaping. Of course, the season of the year will have bearing on what type of vegetation you are able to use, but Feng Shui transcends the seasons and there are options you can use anytime. Wind chimes near the entrance to your home promote the flow of positive chi and draw helpful people to your home. Always make use of that particular Feng Shui object.

The entrance to a home is very important as well. It should be welcoming but set up to trap any negative energy that may come from family or guests who come into your home. The use of mirrors can be very beneficial in setting up the type of environment you need to instill confidence and respect in yourself and others. When you Feng Shui your home, you aren’t only providing harmony and balance to your life, but also in the lives of anyone who lives with you.

Part of confidence comes from knowing your family is stable and happy. There is nothing more rewarding to the ego and a person’s well-being than knowing they are positively influencing their family. With that in mind, take a look at your family or living room. Be sure to include an object or picture of every member of the family representing something they enjoy doing or interest of theirs. This helps to promote unity and encourages the idea that while each one is individual, you all together are a family unit. Water is a wonderful element to employ as well. It represents growth and flowing energy. If a water fountain isn’t possible, try a picture of a waterfall or a small statue that depicts flowing water.

Depending on the level of change you need, Feng Shui is a relatively simple, straightforward philosophy to use in your home and life. With all aspects of your existence in harmony and alignment, the confidence and respect you desire will be easy to obtain. Focus on the money and fame areas of your home will promote greater respect at work while concentrating on the bedroom and family room will encourage a deeper, more profound relationship with your partner and children. It all adds up to greater confidence and respect for yourself. Others will quickly follow suit.

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